Saturday, May 7, 2011

Giving Honor

Today is Mother's Day. A day to honor and say thank you to Moms. At Just Following Jesus, my Mom talked about giving honor where honor is due.

I have a wonderful Mom. She is truly amazing. She was and is a very good Mamma. She deserves all the honor I can give. And, today, I honor her. Thank you, Mom, for being who you are and loving me always.

Seven years ago I became a mommy. I missed celebrating my first Mother's Day by three days. I became a mom because a young lady chose me to be a mom. It wasn't a random choice. I know it was preordained by God. But, there is still that matter of Free Will.

Seven years ago, a young woman chose LIFE. She chose obedience to God's will. She chose selfless love above natural desires. She chose adoption. She chose me.

She did the honorable thing. Each Mother's Day I choose to recognize her. I choose to give her honor and say THANK YOU. Thank you for giving me the honor and pleasure of being mommy to two amazing kids.

I love you, M!!!