Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day

Six Mother's Days ago, I was three days away from being a mom for the first time. I am not a mom because of natural conception. I am a mom because of God's Divine Design of Adoption. I am a mom because a young woman chose life instead of abortion. I am a mom because that young woman chose me, trusted me to do what she couldn't; raise her baby.

God has a perfect plan and destiny for my two children. He knew that in order to fulfill their destiny they would need the genetic DNA of Her, and the nurturing care of me. From the beginning of time, adoption was ALWAYS His plan for my children, but it took Her making the choice. It took Her making a sacrifice.

I remember the moment I became a mom. The moment my son was born. As the nurses took him away to be cleaned up, I hugged the one who birthed him, both of us crying. She tears of pain, me tears of joy.

Flash forward eighteen months, that some young woman entrusts me once again with her daughter. Eyes full of brokenness, she walks away, knowing that once again she has chosen what is best for her child.

So today, as I reflect on what made me a mom, I am not remembering nine months of physical uncomfortableness or hours of painstaking labor. I am remembering the months of prayer, the months of walking in faith, and months of anticipation. I am remembering a girl who chose life. A girl I will forever be connected to by the two people who made us both Mothers.

Happy Mother's Day M. I love you.

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