Sunday, November 7, 2010

You want me to do what?

Throughout the Body of Christ, God is restoring the arts. Creativity and Expression are gifts from the Father. The ability to paint, draw, write songs, poetry, play music, all are reflections of His heart. Beautiful worship presented at His feet.

I appreciate this movement. But, this is one river of the spirit I don't tend to wade into.

However, on Wednesday, our class assignment was to write a song or poem. WHAT? I don't think so. Quickly after, I put it out of my mind. Teasing at home that I would have my creative daughter do the assignment for me.

Then today, when riding in the car, watching her giggle, seeing her birth mom's features shine through, the Lord put a poem in my heart. It is not fancy or well done, but it will pass for the assignment.

Abba’s Gift

You are present in every giggle,
Each smile, a reflection, personal.

A twinkling eye beaming forth a story of grace,
Your selfless love shining through her face.

An earthly portrait of an Eternal mystery.
Adoption, Abba’s gift to me.


  1. Dad and I are both teary...this is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I agree with your Mom! So beautiful! I think it's very well done. :)