Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well, we braved the heat and the crowds, and took the kids downtown to meet Bob and Larry. The real bob and larry.

We had a fun day, even if our timing was off and we missed all of the bmx show, and only got to see bob and larry for about 5 minutes. There was still so many other things to do that the kids didn't even notice.

However, my very observant son did notice one thing...that it was not the real bob and larry that we saw. He said that it was just someone in a costume because he could see the legs. So I said, "I thought bob and larry were just pretend." He said, "No, they are real, but that wasn't them, because they dont have legs." .....and we thought believing in Santa was the least of our worries.....

(For those of you who are. thinking what are you talking about....Bob and Larry are from the cartoon Veggie Tales. They are a cucumber and a tomato, and yes, in the cartoon the do not have legs or arms. City Fest was this big festival/concert downtown put on by Luis Palau.)

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