Saturday, October 18, 2008

In the Darkness comes revelation....

Last weekend was our annual church ladies retreat. We had a great time. God is good, and touched many lives, including mine. We focused on the book of Daniel and the Song of Songs. May thing that is an odd combination, but the theme for the weekend was "Come Away With Me" and we talked alot about how God speaks to us in the darkness (as he did with Daniel). How our breakthroughs, our suddenlies, our revelations, most often come during the dark times of our lives. Those are the times we most need to go away with Him. The dark times of our lives our the times we grow the most. I really dont like dark times---does anyone? And it seems my family and I have gone through quite a few the past few years. But I am thankful for them (once they are over) because they prove God's faithfulness, and draw us closer to Him. Through each one I have grown; growth that is not possible in good times only. Thank You, Jesus, for your faithfulness. Thank you for being with me in the dark times, and for bringing your Light. I love you, Lord.

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