Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankfulness pt 4

Thank God! Call out his Name! Tell the whole world who he is and what he's done! Sing to him! Play songs for him! Broadcast all his wonders! Revel in his holy Name, God-seekers, be jubilant! Study God and his strength, seek his presence day and night; Remember all the wonders he performed, the miracles and judgments that came out of his mouth. (1 Cor 16 The Message)

I am thankful for...

66. An amazing deal on a Christmas gift for my hubby.

67. Being able to help a friend.

68. Kids cuddling together on the couch watching cartoons.

69. Great coupon deals.

70. Babysitting my beautiful niece.

71. Encouraging words from a friend.

72. Friends who know how to fix cars.

73. Fun times with my kids creating things.

74. Funny things my kids say.

75. Cousin Amy and her girls

76. Fun times with friends.

77. Daughter's desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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