Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Time....

We started early, decorating before Thanksgiving so that it would be all ready for Auntie Katie's return home. Thanksgiving was full of tradition....the day at Jenn's with lots of food, family and friends. Followed by a day of shopping, parade, naps, and leftovers.

Saturday after Thanksgiving was tree day. The past few years, due to lack of funds, we have bought a tagged tree from the tree farm. Tagged trees are not the most beautiful of trees, but they are 25 dollars cheaper! This year, we went to the tree farm with every intention to buy the biggest regular tree we could find. Yet, once we arrived, where is the first place we go? Yep, to the tagged trees. It's like a treasure hunt...finding the best looking tree among the worst of the trees. At first it was just to look, and then a decision was made. This will be a new tradition. Picking a clearance tree. We got a good one this year. It is big and full. It was COVERED in prickly tree branch/needles from another tree, and took a bit of work to get it house ready, but it was worth it.

That evening, we decorated the tree together. This year, mom and dad put the lights on, and the kids did the rest. (With the exception of a few very special, breakable ornaments) They were so proud of their work, and did pretty good.

This year, I am stepping outside the box and helping my kids make homemade gifts for everyone. First, let me say, whoever said that homemade gifts were more economical is a LIAR!!!! I have spent more on the supplies for their homemade presents than on anything else I bought. But, that's not the point, right?

Son is working with his dad to make gifts from wood. I am working with Daughter on a long list of sewing projects. The first two on her list (which she came up with on her own) were much too difficult for her, so mommy ended up doing all but a few of the finishing details. The rest are simple enough for her to handle on her own. We are using the sewing machine (which belongs to my sister) and she has already got the hang of it!

My mom had the idea to countdown the days of Christmas by placing a different name of Jesus on a Jesse Branch. We decided to do this as apart of our family devotions. We are all enjoying learning the different names of Jesus. And praying them back to Him.

I am so enjoying this season! Relaxed and peaceful, enjoying lots of time with the family creating things, learning things, celebrating Jesus. He is our King of Kings, born to save us from our sins. Thank You, Jesus!!

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