Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I sit here in my comfy home, listening to my kids as they giggle and play. I am thankful for the peace in our home, in our lives. I take a moment to enjoy it and thank God for His goodness.

Many around me face very dark circumstances. Darker than I can imagine. My heart is grieved. I know I am helpless, except for one thing. I have access to the One, Jesus Christ, who is most powerful. And so, I pray. Will you join me?

The people of Haiti: facing destruction and the loss of life.

The Adams: Mom has familia ALS, not expected to live past this year. Daughter suffers from Cerebral Palsey, and is currently in recession from cancer. She has many medical issues as a result of radaiation.

The Gordons: Mom pregnant, unborn baby diagnosed with Trisomy 18, under developed heart and kidneys.

Heather: Daughter dies of abuse by father and fiance. Other daughter seriously abused by the same people, but survies.

Roberta: Went to the hospital yesterday for severe pain in her leg. Dr's believe she has very advanced cancer.

Family Friends: Need a miracle in their marriage and family.

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